2010 Conference DVD - Questions

I wanted to post this blog to give our great members a place to ask questions about which presenters and DVD from the 2010 conference will best help their needs.

I can then get feedback from the AutismOne team who was at the conference and even the presenters themselves so you can decide which DVD's are best for you! Please post your question or comment below. Click here >> is a link to the DVD's so you can look at the various titles available.

More DVD's are coming once the conference is over and we know what recordings area available.

what helped my son speak more

the best supllements that have helped my 9 year-old non-verbal son gain more speech recently have been DMG, Boyd Haley's OSR and Speak by NourishLife and anti-inflammatories in general. Have you seen a DAN! doctor?

DVDs of Conference

I was able to watch most of Saturdays speakers thanks to Ustream. I would like to order the DVDs that would contain the following speakers

.8:00-9:00 am CST Dr. Laura Hewitson
Primate Models for Testing Vaccine Safety

9:00-10:00 am CST Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Autism and the Vagrant in the Brainstem

10:30-11:30 am CST Dr. Jeff Bradstreet
The Current State of the Science

I am looking at something that I can give to my childrens' pediatricians that may give them an insight into our concerns for vaccines.

Thank you.

autism and colitis

Doctor presenting here today 5/30/2010 is connecting autism with colitis and he is way off. Also he could have saved the details graphics for his own personal use

Non-verbal, GFCF, Supplements DVD?

Hi just wondering if the DVDs I see on the store page are from the Chicago conference or before. I will buy perhaps two- not sure of best ones. My son is 8, non verbal, GFCF, on lots of supps but no biomed stuff past few years. Looking for some new ideas for him.

Thanks Tom G