Adrenals and a Review of Other Hormones Including Thyroid and Growth Hormone

Dr. West will discuss the hormonal pathways and how they have been affected by chronic
illness and stress. We will focus mostly on the adrenals. People are scared of the word
hormone, but remember, this includes “STRESS ” hormones. One of the reasons good fats are
so important is because fats are the precursors to our hormones. We will discuss how this
allows for inflammation to persist, including what I call “mental inflammation.” We all know
how much inflammation plays a role in our children’s illness.

Rachel West, DO, FACOP

Dr. Rachel West works out of Santa Monica, CA , in her private office. She is a
board certified family practitioner who has been practicing integrative medicine for 12 years
and was one of the early physicians treating autism with integrative medicine. She currently
treats the whole family using nutrition, bioidentical hormones, IVs, homeopathy, osteopathic
hands-on treatments, and various other prescriptions and modalities. She is constantly learning
and seeking new ways of helping patients and their families.