Adults on the Autism Spectrum Today!

The international radio show, Adults on the Autism Spectrum; TODAY!, is brought to you on the third Saturday of every month. The general themes addressed on the show include: planning for the future; how to access adult services; effective transition approaches; wills/trusts/guardianship; self-advocacy; state and national advocacy; service development; employment opportunities; supported living; recreation/leisure activities; and, personal stories of success and struggle.

Its' host, Dr. David L. Holmes is Board Certified in Forensic Science, Behavioral Science and Psychology. He is a certified/lisenced Chief School Administrator/Supervisor/Principal and Teacher. He is immediate past president and founder of The Eden Family of Services and the longest standing Chairman of the Panel of Professional Advisors of the Autism Society of America. He has served on the faculties of numerous universities and most recently on the psychology faculty at Princeton University. He has been a featured guest on many T.V. and radio shows, including, CBS’s “Weekend Edition”, National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation”, The Discovery Channel and CNN’s “House Call”. Dr. Holmes is a national award winning author of numerous books, book chapters and articles, most notably, Autism through the Lifespan-The Eden Model. Dr. Holmes was nominated, and now serves as a Fellow, to the 32nd Federal Institute on Rehabilitation Issues (IRI) in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Holmes is currently the Chairman and CEO of Lifespan Services, LLC; a full service consulting company established to help families and individuals with autism and related disabilities get what they need and what they are entitled to have. Lifespan Services has offices in Princeton, N.J. and serves people nationally and internationally