All Things Autism: What's Going On Now

Candyce Estave is a wife and mom. She has two children, one child has an autism diagnosis. She is an advocate, activist, who has worked to educate families in the way of Special Education Services and Supports on a local level. She has opened her home for support groups, coordinated educational events, participated in local, state, and national non-profits. Candyce is an Americorps volunteer, tutoring children in the classroom. In 2014, she received the President's award for her volunteer time. At any given time, you will see her at public comment, in city and county government meetings, or standing on a corner with a sign, warning people of the dangers of toxic vaccines. You can find her on FaceBook, Twitter, and at AutismOne.

Candyce and her guests will talk about all things autism: from a parent's past experience, to the people who are helping to turn around the current state of vaccine politics, health, health freedom, and the movers who got us to where we are, their part, and what's next.


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