Are we really living in the Year 2009?

There are times in my journey to save the world and change the lives of those with Asperger's Sydnrome/Autism, that I question "Why am I doing this? Why not let someone else take up the fight?" and recently these thoughts have been on my mind. Fate, though, has a unique way of helping you answer these questions.

On the weekend I travelled to a huge outdoor Country Market:- home to lovely organic produce of all types - vegetables, fruit, homemade cheese and yoghurts, gluten-free products, herbal teas for all types of ailments/conditions, spices, jams and chutneys and the best range of bric-a-brac I've seen in a long time.

It was a glorious warm spring day and the markets were full of all types of people choosing items to sustain them - either physically or emotionally. We'd all come from far and wide to indulge our need for something different.

However, my day was ruined by one 'un-enlightened, totally Autism-unaware" Yoghurt vendor who shouted at a young Autistic boy. Of course the child proceeded to spontaneously "melt-down" and his mother started to yell and cry "What are you doing? He has a disability! I'm sick of this - we can't go anywhere without someone abusing my child!"

With my heart racing and my anger flaring, instinct took over and I felt I must step in to help the mother. But when I got there I was rendered speechless....What do I say? What do I do? Would she see me as a threat or would she welcome the intervention? Do I give the vendor a piece of my mind, or do I give him a half hour lesson on Autism/Asperger's Syndrome? These were my thoughts as the distraught mother and child moved away. Futilely I tailed them to make certain they were safe. Then I had to sit down and calm myself - collect my thoughts.

When my anger subsided, reflection led me to the realisation that all I can do is offer my help. Perhaps a simple question such as "Can I help you?" or "Do you need assistance?" would be all that is needed. I've promised myself that I will ask this question everytime I see someone who might need a small show of support, in this terribly crazy world.

As for the Yoghurt vendor - no I didn't give him a piece of my mind - raising awareness in other ways is much more effective.

Happy New Year

I know what you are saying, we have to take the time to educate even if we feel like screaming...... Hey you idiot can't you tell that my child has an issue........ THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OUR CHILDREN NELLE(: