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Art for Autism

Art for Autism

Welcome to the Art for Autism Group! Begun by members of the Art for Autism Foundation, a non-profit group based in Tampa, Florida, this group is dedicated to exploring art-based therapy and treatment options for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We believe that art therapy offers an invaluable opportunity for children with autism to express their hopes, fears, joys, and dreams.

This group is a forum for discussion of art-therapy based approaches and other successful treatments for autism. We look forward to your productive and thoughtful discussions and comments.

Through the Art for Autism Foundation, we hope to raise awareness of ASD and provide programs that will help people with ASD and their caregivers lead happy, healthy lives. Learn more about the Art for Autism Foundation at

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Art Contest for Children Diagnosed with ASD

Javamo Coffees has started their annual Art Contest. They use the submissions to create this year's label for their Art for Autism Coffee Blend. The winner gets a $100 US Savings Bond.

Share your success!

Art therapy is a well-documented approach to fostering communication skills in children with autism. What has worked for you? What obstacles or challenges have you encountered in your child's art therapy program?