Auditory Hypersensitivity and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Treatable Condition

Many children diagnosed with ASD have auditory hypersensitivities. This talk describes auditory hypersensitivities, the systems involved, methods for evaluation, and treatment options including TLP Spectrum™. These children have negative emotional reactions to sounds and to situations where the sounds are present. It is possible to desensitize these negative emotional reactions and reprogram the emotional memory system so the children are no longer frightened by or find sounds uncomfortable.

Alex Doman

Alex Doman is founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, home of The Listening Program®. A bestselling author, producer, and public speaker, he focuses on sound, music, and technology and their capacity to improve sound brain fitness. Doman is author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®. He has written for Autism Science Digest, Autism Asperger's Digest, and SI Focus. Alex has trained thousands of allied health, education and music professionals in brain-based applications of sound and music.