Autism Advocates Tweets, Tips, Testimony, & Toolbox

Join the New AutismOne Advocacy & Social media Sharing group. The place to come for What, Why, Who, Where, & When about Social New Media Advocacy.

As 2010 begins, the hope and message has never been more alive. Our loved ones are recovering. The powers that be are in a daze, have admitted increases, and Environmental impact. This is the forum to rejoice in the power of Unity within Autism Community #UWAC and Express our thoughts and Feelings #FAY Feel Autism Yet? This is the place to come to share your method of getting the word out. We will discuss the basics of Personal Branding, Autism Advocacy, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards, social networks, moving beyond preaching to the choir, and amplification of the great writers here at AutismOne and across the net

Thank you, Tim, for setting

Thank you, Tim, for setting up this group. As we move forward it will be ever increasing in importance to our our advocacy and action efforts.

Tim will be at AutismOne helping parents understand the ins and outs and importance of social media, helping folks become cyber warriors before and after the rally and all year round,

Science has failed. Pharma has bought or intimidated every scientist they can buy or threaten. It's time to take to the streets and utilize every tool at our disposal to educate and empower parents.

The age of advocacy begins now. With faith in each other we begin the last and defining moment of the autism movement.