Autism and relations

My name is Wim Styleman and I am living on the north of Belgium. I am 29 years old and leading a normal every day life with my girlfriend and my dog.
After having seen a documentary on Belgian television about autism and relations I decided, after having consulted an autistic person in my neighbourhood and after making contact with some autism organization in my home country to identify the gap, to start with a project to improve the 'relation' issues autistic people often have. I can't be too elaborate and detailed at the moment but soon I will fully explain the basis and objectives of my project.

For this project I have done a lot of background studies and spend many hours to align it to the needs and requirements of autistic people. As soon as I will unveil my project I will be really grateful to get some feedback from all of you on how to even improve this site!

Objective this week: to register a domain name and transfer the website files + perform a last check together with Mark, the person with autism I intially consulted, who has in the meantime become a real friend.
Objective of completion: beginning of January.

Greetings to all of you and best wishes for 2010!!


I can't wait to hear more, you have me curious to here more about this project.