Autism Mothers - The Autism File

On June 1, 2009, 10:07 am

The Team at The Autism File received an amazing response from the front cover of their April 2009 issue, depicting 6 autism mothers posing with a determined presence.

Other mothers have been sending in pictures in groups of 6, emulating the campaign which have been used to create a wonderful video montage.

The Autism File says about the campaign "Mothers around the world of all different shapes, colour and size are demonstrating how autism mothers are strong and are 'Delivering Where Governments Have Failed'.

Striking the same pose with the same headlines makes mothers of autism a powerful force as we unite around the world. This is not about expensive cameras, photographers and make up artists; it's about us, the mothers showing our strength. So, grab a camera and 5 other mums and have some fun!

"The campaign is about strength, not weakness, it's about demanding support not hoping for it and it's about how we, the parents are having to deliver where our governments have failed", says Polly Tommey."

Please send in your pictures to The pictures will be features on their website and possibly the July issue of The Autism File magazine!

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