AutismWHYandHOW: A Web Resource for Informed Reflective Discourse and Higher Synthesis of Autism’s Complexity

AutismWHYandHOW is a companion website to The Autism Revolution book addressing the assumptions, rationales, bodies of literature and gaps in the many answers to three core questions: What is Autism, What Causes Autism, and How Can We Help. It aims to support reflective discourse toward a higher synthesis of autism’s complexity through grasping the integrity and limits of insights from each vantage point. I will demonstrate the website, convey its spirit of inquiry and invite participation.

Martha R. Herbert, MD, PhD, PhD, MD

Martha Herbert is a pediatric neurologist and researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-MIT-HST-Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. Her TRANSCEND Research Program uses advanced brain imaging techniques and biomarkers to look at the relationship of metabolism, perfusion and brain function, and at brain change with treatment. Her whole-baby infant project studies how brain and physiology problems co-emerge starting prenatally and in early infancy.