Better Understanding ASD through the Viewpoint of Functional Neurology (practitioner registrants only)

Functional Neurology, also known as Applied Cinical Neuroscience, focuses on a person's function to help diagnose disorders of the neuraxis. The science-based approaches to developmental delay, such as rTMS, hyperbaric O2, vestibular rehabilitation, eye therapy, peripheral and cranial nerve stimulation, and sensory motor integration, are regarded as some of the most important factors to consider with regard to ASD. These will be reviewed individually in accordance with current science-based research.


Joshua Flowers, DC, DACNB

Dr. Joshua Flowers graduated from Logan University with a degree in Chiropractic, furthering his studies in neurology, immunology, clinical neuroscience, and medicine. Dr. Flowers is a board certified functional neurologist. He practices in Colorado at the Revive Treatment Centers of America, where he specializes in traumatic brain rehabilitation, childhood developmental delays, and neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders.