Big Idea No. 1: Vaccination Choice is a Human Right

On June 2, 2010, 5:37 pm

JD. Mary will tell us why vaccination choice is a human right. She teaches at New York University Law School and previously worked for the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, a national human rights advocacy organization. Mary clerked for a federal district court judge, taught international human rights advocacy at Columbia Law School, served as a consultant to the Aspen Institute Justice and Society Program, and has practiced law at two international law firms. She is a founding board member of the Center for Personal Rights and the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy.

We are a non-partisan, diverse group of concerned individuals and organizations dedicated to the preservation and defense of our personal rights.

We focus on individual vaccination choice, parental consent to vaccination for children, and freedom to make healthcare decisions for ourselves and our families.

Established civil rights organizations have not adequately addressed these critical issues in an era of ever increasing vaccination mandates and frequently-declared public health emergencies. While we recognize many other personal rights issues, including reproductive rights and marriage rights, we do not take positions on them at this time. There are many established civil rights organizations addressing these questions across wide spectrums of opinion.

We seek to promote individual and parental autonomy for vaccination and healthcare decisions and thus to fill a void that we see in existing civil rights advocacy.

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