Biofilms, Bugs, and Bowels: Rebalancing Your Child's Gut

Biofilms are collections of organisms working together to survive and thrive within a host environment. Healthy, beneficial bacteria living within our intestines organize into a biofilm to support their survival as well as ours. Additionally, biofilms can be formed by pathogenic microorganisms and create both illness and disease. Biofilms are resistant to antibiotics and so effective treatment lies within other forms of therapy and are best treated through probiotics.

Dr. John Hicks

Renowned medical doctor and pediatrician Dr. John H. HIcks has worked closely with the autism community using a holistic and integrated approach. He incorporates medical, nutritional, emotional, and vibrational customized treatment plans for each of his clients. Dr. Hicks is a frequent contributer to Autism Spectrum Digest Magazine, Autism One Radio, and will be featured in the next addition of "Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism".