Can Children Recover From Autism? Ask Marcia Hinds

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Can children recover from Autism? Ask Marcia Hinds and her son.
Every parent hopes they will have healthy, happy children. Unfortunately today, 1 in 50 children has
autism and the number is growing. But an autism diagnosis doesn’t have to mean “GAME OVER!’
Marcia Hinds, of Los Angeles, California, author of the book " I Know You’re In There: winning our war
against autism, knew there was something not right with her son.
“My son was diagnosed with autism at age four. That day changed everything. The doctor gave him and
us a life sentence. We were told there was no recovery from autism. There was no cure.
“Ryan’s doctor treated the infections and viruses that he believed were the cause of my son’s autism
symptoms. But medical intervention wasn’t enough. In our search for a cure, I searched everywhere. I
did find many snake-oil salesmen with the latest autism cures who took our money and then asked for
“Finally we found a doctor who thought differently. We used a multipronged approach to help him
recover. He was received anti-viral, anti-fungal, immune modifiers, anti-depressants, Deplin (absorbs
excess folic acids), prescription level iron supplements, and MTHR for gene mutation. He also went
through applied behavioral therapy.
“Eventually he did everything the autism experts said he could never do. After graduating Magna Cum
Laude with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, He earned his M.S. in Engineering Management and
Leadership in 2012. Today my son is a systems engineer with a major
aerospace corporation, and an avid surfer.
“There is hope. Autism is not a developmental or psychiatric disorder. It is
medical, treatable, and surmountable. If a doctor tells you there is nothing
you can do, don’t believe it! Never give up until you find the answers for
your child.”
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