Chiropractic and Naturopathic Approaches Together for Autism

Chiropractic and naturopathic medicines have much to offer the autism community. We will discuss the commonalities and differences of the two professions as they apply to the autism community. In this talk we will provide practical ways to help children and adults with ASD, while applying specific modalities and treatment approaches. Treatments discussed include nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, TCM/acupuncture, craniosacral, aromatherapy, functional neurology and play. The parent in attendance will walk away with a greater understanding of treatment options available that can benefit their child. The parent will be able to apply treatments immediately as they see fit. 

Jill Skurnowicz, RN, BSN, MS, CRNA, ND

Dr. Skurnowicz graduated with her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in December 2017 as Valedictorian of her naturopathic medical school class at National University of Health Sciences. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1994. Graduating with a Masters in Science and a certificate in Anesthesia in 2000,  Dr. Skurnowicz continues to work in the field of anesthesia providing a variety of anesthetics to all age groups at Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan. After 17 years in Anesthesia, Dr. Skurnowicz became interested in treating the large iatrogenic epidemic of Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders that were increasing in number in her anesthesia practice. Dr. Skurnowicz received additional training in Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology and Mastering Brain Chemistry, completed 100 hours in Acupuncture training and certified in ozone and oxidative therapy.  Dr.Skurnowicz is an active member in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and the Naturopathic Medicine Institute and currently practices in Franklin, Michigan and provides affordable, progressive, naturopathic care to all cohorts with particular emphasis on pediatrics and the burgeoning neurological sequelae associated with that population.



Julia Malkowski, ND, DC, BSc

 Dr. Julia Malkowski, ND, DC, BScDr. Julia Malkowski graduated with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in December 2017, with advanced standing, and a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in April 2016 from National University of Health Sciences.  Dr. Malkowski successfully completed an internship at the primary care integrative medicine clinic at NUHS which focused on drug-free and surgery-free approaches to improving health conditions.  During this time, Dr. Malkowski also completed Motion Palpation Institute’s, The Masters Series: Full Spine Analysis and Adjustive TechniqueBiomedical Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders SeminarFundamentals of Functional Blood ChemistryMastering the Thyroid Seminar and 100 hours in functional neurology applied to childhood neurobehavioral disorders.  Dr. Malkowski received her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from National University of Health Sciences, which includes extensive education in microbiology, physiology, chemistry, anatomy, biochemistry and nutrition.  Dr. Malkowski credits her excellent health, and the health of her two children to naturopathic and chiropractic medicine.  She remains committed to optimal health on a personal and professional level, and is a current member of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute.  Dr. Malkowski aims to help others thrive and maintain optimal health and is currently practicing as a primary care physician at Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine in Chicago, LaGrange Park, and St. Charles, IL.