Is the Coal Mine Collapsing?

I was standing on the Capitol grounds in Washington D.C. listening as Actor Jim Carrey told the thousands standing with me that our autistic children were the “canaries in the coal mine” during the Green Our Vaccines Rally in June of 2008. This was a memorable moment for me. Though I had recently protested outside of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) headquarters in sub-zero Chicago with 20 or so fellow protestors in February, just being with such a large number of like-minded activists in our nation’s capitol as we demanded answers in one loud resounding voice, was refreshing and provided me with a sense of hope.
Less than two years later, that hope has diminished and I can’t help but wonder if the coal mine is collapsing. If it is, this will be a tragedy beyond any we’ve seen to date in modern civilization, because we’re still inside with our children! Society needs to hear what is happening to our children, not merely to vindicate our struggle and obtain justice for our children, but to stop this insanity in its tracks now, before it’s too late. While this may sound a bit melodramatic for those not living a life similar to mine, fraught with the very knowledge that our children are being purposefully poisoned, this is a reality that will inevitably touch every single individual on this planet if this coal mine scenario is allowed to play out to fruition.
From the World Health Organization placing hormones into vaccines designed for poor young women in Central and South America to cause spontaneous abortion and sterility to the disease causing vaccines of Western Europe and North America, it is all too apparent now that our “canaries” are not an accident. This is not a matter of simple medical wizardry gone awry with subsequent cover-ups to “cover one’s ass”. Compassion would have had to have set in by now, if that was indeed the case. The science is definitive, the studies are available to all discerning physicians and policy makers across the planet, yet blind eyes and deaf ears remain the status quo as more children fall victim to what can only be deliberate harm caused for a purpose all too frightening to imagine for the majority of the lemmings marching in lock step to their fateful plunge.
This scenario is all too apparent in the recent GMC hearings against Drs Wakefield, Murch and Walker-Smith. The science was there for all to see, the evidence laid out in such a way that even the mums and dads in the chambers listening as the verdict was read were removed from the room as protestations were loudly raised. The Autism Omnibus Hearings from last year is also indicative of the obvious conspiracy that is claiming our children and will soon cost our individual countries their sovereignty. There can no longer be any doubt that this is not well meaning medicine gone awry. For those that still hold out for a happy ending, consider the broader picture:
Genetically modified foods that create a pesticide dump in the bellies of those that eat them are now universally approved and considered safe for human and animal consumption. These GM seeds comprise almost 90% of our agriculture in America and they are patented, meaning that Monsanto can now decide who gets fed and who doesn’t. Control the food…control the people.
Vaccines and modern prescription drugs cause disease that turn healthy children and adults into patients. This creates profit for industry and its common sense that a sick and weak population is far more easily controlled than a fit and healthy one.
Many organizations across the planet are now trying to control the internet, the last bastion of freedom available to those of us that are desperately trying to expose these people for who they are. Last Year the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) began speaking of “rating” the web so that the government could tell citizens what they considered to be worthy and truthful on the web. Just this past week, Craig Mundie, Chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, stated at the Davos Economic Forum that a “driver’s license” should be required for web use. Both are examples of precursors to outright censorship. Perhaps it’s a bit of poetic justice that I write this blog on Microsoft product……
It is time to understand, no matter how uncomfortable this is that our canaries are in the coal mine. They’re trying to tell us something is desperately wrong, and as we concern ourselves with money raising walks in the parks, begging our government to “Green our Vaccines (please poison us a little less) and who’s the next celebrity that’s going to piss us off as they push a new vaccine as if it’s a designer shoe, the mine is collapsing around us all.
We still have the power as the people. We can become decide not to buy genetically modified foods, demand fluoride free water supplies and MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup free foods. They won’t manufacture what the public refuses to buy. We can demand that our government stops subsidizing farmers that grow pesticide ridden GM corn and soy as our vegetable farmers that strive to grow healthy, nutrient rich, organic foods are left to flounder. We can demand the ethical treatment of our livestock and further demand that they be fed grass, as God intended.
We can demand that our medical professionals finally learn that good, nutritious food is the key to optimal health and that they stop pushing drugs like everyday street thugs. We can close down the WHO, the U.N., the FDA, the EPA and all other national and international bodies that have betrayed humanity and conspired to poison and control it. We still outnumber the few that now seem to have the power. This can be turned around. We just have to stop worrying about the next episode of Lost or American Idol, get off our asses and demand Justice and Freedom. A little retribution wouldn’t be bad either.

We have a voice...

Curt almost 70 years & what do we have to show... Not much. My theory is the decline really started to accelerate when the doctors changed the Hippocratic from "First do No Harm" to "For the good of the community" I just wish they had chosen the community of humans which they seem not to belong. It is really sad that Doctors almost 1000 years ago realized they had power to do more damage than good. The underlying factor to all of this is Greed & Money.

It is amazing on how many different platforms we express our voice. One of the first things the enemy tries to do is divide & Conquer. We need to join in our strengths & celebrate our diversity of mission, means, & motivation. At the end of the day each of us realize, we are in our own version of 24. Just hours until we seen the demise of humankind. If going from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 91 does not wake them up... We must shout a lot louder.... Do something different today.

I'm afraid it's too late

I'm afraid it's too late Curt. It seems like they have turned too many of us into sheep. Sheep-like, we just keep jumping off the cliff. Bha! Bha!!