Connect, Care, Collaborate through Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

ASD or NT, we want all of our children to connect with us, to continue building resilience, enjoy new challenges, collaborate, and thrive in their learning environments. We want them to seek out shared experiences and feel competent in building friendships. Join Kathy as she takes you through the model of typical development, demonstrating the remediation process through RDI, providing real-life, take-home strategies for that second chance to overcome the core of ASD that our kids deserve.

Kathy Darrow

Kathy Darrow has four children. She and her husband and have heard the words “He has autism” twice. Both times she was given little hope for a positive prognosis. Now, 12 years later, her children are recovered from the core deficits of Autism. She is no stranger to raising the bar, believing that all children deserve the second chance to address their core development. The passion that began with her own children continues with the families she works with.