CPS at Your Door - and What If You Can't Be There For Your Children

The medical community and school districts increasingly are using child protective services (CPS) and the court system to pressure parents who make what mainstream practitioners view as "alternative" health care decisions regarding their children. Parents' decisions and families' lives are scrutinized. Parents face allegations of neglect and abuse. Court action and the child removal are realities facing the special needs community. What are the powers of CPS? This presentation will assist counsel and parents in preparing for an inquiry and will highlight some recent case studies.

Lisa Colin, Esq.

Lisa Colin is a partner at Martin & Colin, PC located in Westchester County, NY. She represents parents and children who are subject of abuse charges and also those involved in custody issues. Ms. Colin is on the Board of Directors for the Law Guardian Association and the Board of EBCALA. She is a founding member of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - Justice Project.

Kim Mack Rosenberg, Esq., Esq.

Kim is a litigator in New York City, focusing on products liability, class actions, and insurance coverage disputes. In 2009 she was recognized by the Legal Aid Society for her pro bono service. In addition to being on the board of both EBCALA and the Center for Personal Rights. Kim is the President of the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter. She also is a contributing editor and chapter author of Vaccine Epidemic.