Is this crazy or what?

A governor of a state just tries to take public workers unions down a notch or two, and there's practically war in the streets all over the country a week or so later. Big Pharma, The Food Industry, The Sickness for Profit Medical Industry, along with the help of their little baby brother the federal government, are guilty of continually poisoning children with their products and practices, and have been increasing their atrocities for decades. If the mere suggestion of passing a bill to reduce the power of state employee unions in one state can cause such an uproar, then the uproar over the ever increasing poisoning of our kids, and us all, should be deafening. Yet the damaging of an entire generation of kids seems to generate no more than whimpers, in comparison to the collective scream across the nation over what is going on in Wisconsin regarding the future paychecks of state employees.

PLEASE, do not misunderstand me. I do not mean to sound like I'm belittling the efforts of many good people involved in the fight for our kids health. But I do have a point or two to make regarding the disparity between the public outrage generated by a threat to paychecks, as opposed to the public outrage generated by the ongoing threat to our children.

One point, is that the collective rage of all parents who have had kids damaged by poisons, has never been heard except in tiny bits and pieces. Part of the reason for that is main stream medias refusal to give us a voice out of fear of it adversely affecting THEIR paychecks. But that's only a small part of the reason. The much bigger reason is that we have not yet come even close to organizing into a huge single group that really does start screaming loud enough for even the deaf to hear.

I know that there is lots of stuff going on in the Autism and natural health communities, but let's face it. What really gets people moving is a threat to the old paycheck or job, so we need to threaten the jobs (and paychecks) of our “leaders”. The only way we are going to do that is to organize into a much larger, much more singular group, that is capable of getting an awful lot louder in our protests. Before anyone even thinks it... No, I am not advocating violence, just a violently loud collective scream.

To the best of my limited knowledge, the last big thing to happen in the war on toxic vaccines was the march on Washington back on June 4 of 2008. In terms of numbers of participants, I think that was the biggest thing from then to present. HMMMM?

I prayed my entire life for a child. Finally, my life long dream came true just before my 52'nd birthday. Then I watched him get damaged by toxins in general, and vaccines in particular. Does anyone need wonder that I might be a bit ticked off? I don't give a flying crap anymore how much they “green” our vaccines, or say that they do. I DEMAND my constitutional right to refuse them completely. If anyone wants to challenge my right to freedom over my own body or my minor dependents, they can bend over and I'll stick a truckload of needles where the sun... well, you get the point. (No pun intended).

The march on Washington had an estimated 8,500 people. One percent of all the damaged kids in this country would be over 100,000. I want to see it more like one adult for every kid. I don't know how I can ever organize a march of one million people, but I am going to try to do everything I can to make it happen in my lifetime. I owe it to Wyatt, and about a million other kids.

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