Day Two - Disney Hollywood Studios

We had the whole family together today. I refuse to go on rollercoasters, but I have a 6-year-old thrill seeking roller coaster junkie who was more than willing to go on rollercoasters with Daddy. So, Ella and Ryan went on the Rock 'n Roller coaster twice - they had to use the fast pass since Kyle wasn't going along to use his Guest Pass. They also went on the Tower of Terror. Ryan did not know anything about either of these rides, so was surprised. Ella had been pretty well briefed ahead of time. Ryan went back on the Tower with Kyle - the picture is great. I'll scan it when we get home. He asked Kyle if he wanted to go again and he said a resounding "NO".
Toy Story was a hit with everyone. Kyle didn't understand how to shoot, but still enjoyed the familar characters. I really liked it.
It seemed to take a lot more time and planning to get through this park. The shows were longer than a ride and some were scheduled so you had to stick to that.
The Voyage of the Little Mermaid has a great puppet scene at the beginning. Ella and I got separated from Ryan and Kyle going into Beauty and the Beast. I had to go back and get them and flash Kyle's special pass to get them into the show. It really is a magical pass! I don't think I'd want to do Disney without it! Ella was scared by the Indian Jones music at the beginning of the show, but really liked it. I think it helped her understand that movies are just pretend. We caught the end of a Jedi Training session too.
We went on the Star Tours ride not knowing what to expect- Ella was scared and didn't want to go, but we did. She wanted to go right back on, so we did. Then Kyle started toward the entrance again - HE wanted to go right back on - his first choice that we noticed the whole trip so far.
It was another good day. We were back at the condo by 6:00pm. Then I had to fix dinner, clean it up, give baths and do laundry. That's OK, MY vacation comes in February!
Tomorrow we go to the Animal Kingdom.

Lisa, I look forward to the

Lisa, I look forward to the day that I can take my boys to Disney...hope it will be in the next few years!

Lisa, it sounds like you're

Lisa, it sounds like you're doing great. Seems like your kids are not only holding up well, but wearing down mom. Gotta love that special pass.

You coward. No rollercoasters.There's nothing quite like explaining to your child why you lost your lunch after 6 hours of spinning teacups, twirling elephants, whirling airplanes, twisting slides, the inevitable space ride all topped off by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I told Jarad I had a cold, but no one else within earshot seemed to be buying it.