Dr. Hooker will discuss his efforts to reanalyze CDC datasets associated with the Destefano et al. 2004 (MMR-autism), Thompson et al. 2007 (thimerosal-neurological deficits) and Price et al. 2010 (thimerosal-autism) studies. In addition, he will discuss a culture of fear at the CDC that has led to suppression of science showing a link between autism and vaccines/vaccine components. This will include his relationship with the CDC whistleblower as well as many other sources of information.

A panel will follow Dr. Hooker's discussion with two mothers of ASD sons, Rosemary Williams and Candy Robles, who will comment on their feelings about obfuscation of information in the 2004 paper as illuminated by Dr. Hooker's 2014 reanalysis paper; and Allison Folmar, JD, who successfully defended the Maryanne Godboldo case (see attorney Allison Folmar's bio on this page), joins this session.

Brian Hooker, PhD

Dr. Hooker is a PhD Biochemical Engineer and serves as Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University as well as a science adviser for Focus For Health. His current research involves environmental factors potentially associated with the autism epidemic, with an emphasis on medical exposures, including vaccines. Dr. Hooker has been active in the autism community since 2002 and has a 17 year old son with autism.

Rosemary Williams

Rosemary Williams is married to David S. Williams III and mother to David IV and Soleil. David IV was diagnosed with autism at 24 months old, while Soleil was diagnosed on the spectrum at 4 years old.

Candy Robles

Candy Robles is the mother of a late son with autism. She is an executive assistant and a contemporary Christian vocalist. Candy provided vocals at this conference in May 2013 preceding the Congressional Keynote Panel.

Allison Folmar, JD

Attorney Allison Folmar is a civil rights attorney who passionately fought numerous charges brought against her client, Michigan mother Maryanne Godboldo. Maryanne refused to give up her daughter to State authorities when they attempted to force a harmful anti-psychotic drug upon her child who exhibited autistic-like symptoms immediately after vaccinations. The case garnered international attention as Attorney Folmar fought for Maryanne's right to choose the course of medical treatment for her daughter and fiercely challenged the State's medical kidnapping of Ariana. Attorney Folmar won a 10-month legal battle against the Michigan Attorney General and State Prosecutors on the sole premise that a parent has the absolute fundamental liberty interest and constitutional right to have the final voice in choosing the course of medical treatment for his/her child. Folmar's zealous advocacy changed state law in Michigan that makes it now illegal for CPS to intervene when a parent chooses not to administer certain mind-altering drugs to his/her child. Attorney Folmar has assisted in writing Federal legislation to protect parents' rights and has likewise won similar cases across the country.