Detoxification (CME track/practitioner registrants only)

Evidence-based research in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has shown that this population of children suffers from impaired detoxification. It is also known from published literature that environmental toxins play a key role in autism. Genetic susceptibility is another major contributing factor. This talk will focus on the research showing these findings as well as other related topics.

Learning objectives:

1) Attendees will learn of published research that supports impaired detoxification pathways in the ASD population.

2) Learners will realize that published literature describes a correlation between environmental toxins and ASD.

3) Students will consider the interplay between genetic susceptiblity and environmental factors in etiology.


Karima Hirani, MD, MPH


Karima Hirani, MD, is Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as in Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and in Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH).  She holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition from UCLA School of Public Health. She graduated from USC Medical School. She specializes in autism, ADD, PANDAS, since 2001. She practices in Culver City, California. By April 2018 she will have completed an International Certification Course in Ozone Therapy by the AEPROMO organization in Spain.