Dr. Amy Yasko presents Assessment of Metals and Microbes as a Function of Nutrigenomic Profiling Part 2 of 2

On July 13, 2009, 8:22 am

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Dr. Yasko believes that autism is a multifactorial condition. Predisposing genetics along with infectious disease burden the body (virus/bacteria) and combined with environmental toxins (mercury, aluminum, lead) play a role in the development and the severity of autism. When these infectious microbes are addressed, Dr. Yasko is able to demonstrate the excretion of large amounts of toxic metals. The way in which these organisms are approached can vary, based on the type of organism (gram negative, gram positive or anaerobic bacteria or virus) as well as the genetic profile against which supplementation is being used. Differences in individual genetic profiles can influence the way in which supplementation is considered. Dr. Yasko will discuss the role of microbes, differences in approaches to microbes based on nutrigenomic profiles, and the excretion of metals as a function of addressing microbes in the body. Specifics will be discussed related to different types of bacteria as well as the presentation of data from fecal testing as well as toxic metal excretion.

Amy Yasko, PhD holds a doctorate in microbiology, immunology, and infectious diseases with an award for outstanding academic excellence. She completed two research fellowships at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester NY; one as a member of the Dept. of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, the other as a member of the Wilmont Cancer Center. Dr. Yasko was also a fellow in the Department of Hematology at Yale Medical Center prior to joining a biotechnology company in Connecticut. She later co-founded a successful biotechnology company, where she was recognized as an expert in the field of DNA/RNA based diagnostics and therapeutics. Prior to shifting her focus to integrative healthcare she was consultant to the medical, pharmaceutical and research community for almost twenty years with an expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology. Dr. Yasko continued her education in the area of alternative healthcare to graduate with high honors from the Clayton College of Natural Health, receiving two additional degrees, a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Doctor of Natural Health.

miscrobes, oxidative stress, nutrigenomics, gut, mutations, supplements

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