Dr. Wakefield: The Fight for Truth & Justice

Dr. Wakefield: The Fight for Truth & Justice Fundraiser

Friday, March 2, 7:00pm-10:30

Hyatt Regency, 200 South Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA                     

A great wrong has been done to our community. On January 5, 2011 the British Medical Journal (BMJ) called Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield a fraud and later a criminal. The blow was aimed at Wakefield, but the target was you, and me, and our families. Since then it’s open season on our rights, our experiences and the truth.   

The time has come to end the wrong. The time has come to fight. On January 3, 2012 Dr. Wakefield filed a defamation lawsuit in Travis County District Court, Texas, against the BMJ, Fiona Godlee, the journal’s editor, and Brian Deer, the reporter.

It is a new day.  We’re fighting back. Our voices will be heard. Together, with faith in each other, we will correct the great injustice that has been done to Dr. Wakefield and our community.

The dawn of our new day has a start date, Friday, March 2. In his first public appearance since filing the defamation lawsuit Dr. Wakefield will be the guest of honor at the Fight for Truth & Justice Fundraiser. In a celebration of unity and common purpose the autism and health freedom movements are coming together to rally around Dr. Wakefield and join the fight.

Come mix, mingle, eat and drink with old friends and new, along with leaders in both the autism and health freedom communities. Wakefield’s fight is our fight, for truth and justice. This is sure to be a unique and special evening that you won't want to miss.

Attendees include: Andy Wakefield, Dan Olmsted, David Lewis, Julian Whitaker, Robert Scott Bell and more!

Tickets are $100 in advance, $125 at the door. Seating is limited. Admission includes food, one drink ticket, and a gift bag valued at over $50. Buy tickets online HERE (www.drwakefieldjusticefund.org), at the AutismOne booth at the Expo or at the door. For questions, call Ed at 714.680.0792.


Dr. Wakefield Justice Fund

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

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