Easter Seals and Autism

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Easter Seals and Autism
• Easter Seals provides exceptional services to ensure that people living with autism and other disabilities have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play.
Inspiration and Results
• Maurice Snell – Easter Seals Adult Representative 2007
Easter Seals
• Our capacity
– 79 affiliates nationwide – 85 years of meeting community needs
• 550 service sites
Easter Seals
• Collaborative work with others • Office of Public Affairs
– Federal legislation – State legislation – Autism Society of America
Our Service Array
• Medical Rehabilitation • Camping and Recreation • Children's Services • Workforce Development • Adult and Senior Services • Assistive Technology • Residential Services • Support Services
Medical Rehabilitation and Health Services
130 Centers in 35 States and Puerto Rico
$ (MT) 2
1(ID) 1(CO) 1(AZ) 1(NM)
2(NY) 4 3(MI) 6(NJ) (CT) 14(PA) 3(DE) 1(IA) 12(OH) 12(IL)2(IN) 1(WV)1(VA) 2(MD) 5(KY 1(KS) 1(TN) 1(SC) 1(OK) 3(AR) 2(GA) 4(AL) 11(TX) 6(LA) 8(FL) 1(WI)
SLI 2.2008
3(NH) 2(MA)
Services Include: Aquatic Therapy, Audiology, Contract Therapy Services, Dental Programs, Driver’s Rehabilitation/Training, Home Health, Hospice, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physician Services, Service Coordination & Case Management, and Wellness / Prevention Programs
Medical Rehabilitation
• Speech language pathology • Occupational therapy • Physical therapy
Camping Services
62 programs in 30 States
1(WA) 3(OR)
6 1(NE) (DE) 1(IA)
1(NY) 3(WI) 1(CO) 1(Az) 1(NM) 1(TX) 9(PA) 1(IN)6(OH)1(WV) 1(VA) 2(IL) 2(KY) 2(MO) 1(TN) 2(AR) 1(AL) 3(FL)
1(NH) 2(MA) 1(CT) 4(NJ) 1(MD)
6(CA) 1(HI)
Services Include: Day Camping, Family Camp, and Residential Camping Programs
SLI 2.2008
Recreational Services
54 Programs in 21 States
1(NH) 1(OR) 1(NV) 7(CA) 5(HI)
Services Include: Adventure/Traveling Programs, After School Recreation Programs, Aquatics, and Recreational Services
SLI 2.2008
3(WI) 1(NE) (DE) 6 1(CO) 1(KS) 2(IN)1(OH) 4(IL) 2(KY) 1(MO) 1(AR) 2(AL)
9(PA) 1(VA)
7(NJ) 2(MD)
Camping and Recreation
• Autism Rocks • Social Skills programs
Children’s Services
104 Programs in 30 States and Puerto Rico
1(AK) 3(WA) 1(ID) 1(IA) 8(CA) 1(UT) 2(AZ)
Services Include: Academic Instruction/Tutoring, Charter Schools, Developmental Preschool, Early Head Start, Head Start, Family Services Coordination & Case Management, Nutritional Services, and Testing/Screening Evaluation
4(ND) 2(IN) 4(OH) 8(IL) 4(KY) 2(AL)
1(VT) 1(ME) 4(NH) 2(NY) 2(CT) 9(PA) 2(NJ) 1(VA) 15(NC)
1(KS) 1(OK) 2(TX)
2(AR) 7(LA)
5(GA) 6(FL) 1(PR)
SLI 2.2008
Child Development Centers
83 Centers in 27 States
1(AK) 5(WA)
(64 centers in 20 states are members of Easter Seals Child Development Center Network)
1(ME) 1(NH) 4(NY) 3(CT) 2(PA) 2(NJ) 1(VA) 2(DC & MD) 11(NC)
1(MT) 1(IA) 1(KS) 2(AZ) 1(OK) 1(TX) 1(TX) 2(IN) 4(OH) 10(IL) 2(KY) 2(MO)
1(AL) 5(GA) 6(FL)
SLI 2.2008
Services Include: Child Care 0-3, Child Care 3-5, and School-Age Child Care 6-12
Children’s Services
• Training Modules in Inclusive Childcare • Autism screening pilot project • Early Intervention • Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention
Workforce Development Services
145 Programs in 37 States
1(WA) 3(OR) 4(NV) 5(CA) 7(ID)
7(MT) 1(WY)
6 1(NE) (DE) 1(KS)
2(NY) 2(WI)
2(UT) 1(CO) 1(AZ) 2(NM)
1(MI) 8(PA) 2(IA) 3(IN) 2(OH) 6(IL) 1(VA) 3(KY) 9(NC) 3(TN) 1(AR) 9(AL) 6(GA) 4(FL)
6(NH) 2(MA) 6(CT) 19(NJ) 2(DE)
Services Include: AgrAbility, Employment Case Management & Service Coordination, Job Acquisition, Job Readiness Training, Job Search Assistance, Occupational Skills Training, Onthe-Job Training/Work-based Learning, Projects with Industry, Transition School to Work, Voc Evaluation/Situational Assessment, Welfare to Work, and Work Adjustment
SLI 2.2008
• Transition programs • Employer training programs • Supported employment • Customized employment
Adult and Senior Services 1(AK)
170 Programs in 35 States (86 are Easter Seals Adult Day Centers. Of these,
59 participate in the Adult Day Services Network )
1(WA) 1(OR) 1(NV) 27(CA) 6(HI) 1(UT) 2(AZ)
6(MT) 1(WY) 1(CO) 2(NM)
6(ND) 5(WI) 2(IA) 1(KS) 2(MO) 1(OK) 1(AR) 1(TX) 6(LA) 2(IN)15(OH) 1(VA) 4(KY) 17(NC) 2(TN) 2(GA) 7(FL) 4(PA)
6(NH) 4 (CT) 23(NJ) 5(DE) 3(MD)
Services Include: Adult Day Centers, Community Based Supports, In-Home Services, and Care Management
SLI 2.2008
Adult and Senior Services
• Structured recreation programs • Home-based services
• Scottie Gaither – Child Representative 2008