Endocannabinoid Medicine (Chiropractic Continuing Ed Track registrants only)

The endocannabinoid system is a regulatory system that interacts with all other organ systems. It functions to modulate immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. It is especial helpful in autism as it helps support learning, memory, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Learn how immune modulation can helps to control inflammation through cytokine production and cell activity. Points about help to seizures and possible aid with mitochondrial issues will also be touched upon.

Judy A. Mikovits, PhD

 Judy A. Mikovits earned her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has studied immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, virology, and drug development. In 2006, she became attracted to the plight of families with ME/CFS and autism and is primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between immune dysfunction and these diseases.