Evaluation and Treatment for Children with Autism: An Overview of the Fundamentals


The many available options for testing and treating someone with autism can be confusing and overwhelming, whether you are new or a veteran to this challenging but rewarding journey. It is critical to identify among the multifactorial causes of the Autistic Spectrum, the unique combination of factors that are most important for your child or patient to begin or continue toward recovery. The goal of this presentation is to provide a logical approach toward this discovery. The fundamentals of testing are reviewed, and then aspects of the most common, but often overlooked, treatments are reviewed, including: environmental exposures, diet and nutritional support, intestinal health, detoxification and immune modulation, as well as methylation issues and mitochondrial support.

John L. Kucera, MD

John L. Kucera, MD, graduated cum laude with a BA in chemistry, biology, and English from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Colorado Medical School. He is board certified in family medicine and holistic medicine. Dr. Kucera has done extensive training in alternative and holistic medicine, and he has spoken nationally and internationally on biomedical issues related to autism spectrum disorders, detoxification, and the effects of toxic metals on hormones. He was a Defeat Autism Now! practitioner and has also completed the MAPS training. He practices holistic family medicine at the Optimal Wellness Center and is physician supervisor at the Developmental Disabilities Health Center in Colorado Springs.