Father's Day

In our family we have a super Dad. Two years back I wrote this letter about my husband. With our newly diagnosised son,our life felt more hectic. We actually do more therapy with him now than we did then, but these last couple of years have found our family learning to adjust to our schedule and still find time to be a family together. This is my letter. Happy Father's Day to the best Dad's in the world.

My husband is my nomination for the best father I’ve ever known. After moving in 2003, we adopted our son Scott. My husband became a first time father to our baby boy in September 2004. Ours is an open adoption where Scott’s birth mom chose our loving arms for her son. My husband Steve and I never thought we would ever be lucky enough to have a child. We had struggled with fertility issues since 1996. Having this beautiful bundle of joy brought to our lives so much happiness; we thought we won the lottery! As Scott grew a few things began to worry us. Our child was very distant from us. He preferred to be alone whenever possible. He never looked at us when we called his name. Our concerns grew when it became apparent that he wasn’t using words. By his second birthday we were fairly sure he was autistic. Our world went from one of growing concern to all out panic. I felt increasingly depressed and isolated with each passing day. As our concerns were validated, it was my husband that helped me focus. On days when I could not go on, he was the one inspiring me to keep working with Scott. Steve is the one who has rallied his family to give our child the support he needs. When I feel like I’m not making a difference for Scott, my husband is the one who reminds me of how far we have come. In the evenings, Steve takes Scott outside to play, ride on the lawn mower and attempt to talk about the world out there. They share things about the trees, birds and grass that might seem boring to anyone else. Steve knows how hard Scott works to try to stay connected to this world. His patience and persistence helps keep our child from slipping further away. Steve also does this to give me a momentary break from the intense learning schedule I keep with Scott. When they come inside, Steve gives Scott his bath so they can spend a few more minutes together laughing. As our evening winds down, I feel once again like I have won the lottery. This is no small feat considering the quiet and sad place that I once sank into. I share this story with you knowing that one day my son will have the words to tell his dad “Happy Father’s Day!” Until that day comes, I treasure the father that waits, smiling, riding a lawn mower with his beautiful son.

Sincerely, Nicole, wife to Steve and mom to Scott.

Thank you for sharing that,

Thank you for sharing that, Nicole; this is beautiful.