Feel Autism Yet?

I am about to attempt the impossible 3x over. Figure out what motivates people. Motivate them to action. Do it in 140 letters or less. When it comes to Autism there are many generic sayings and phases that mean little to the majority right now. "1 in 150" "1 every 20 minutes"? The odds say its time to make a difference? Its time to listen? well these do not make someone take action. It has been said people will not act until they feel the pain. That is my task.

I have started a new twitter FeelAutismYet. I twitter as TannersDad. Basically, I want your most heart wrenching moment in life dealing with Autism boiled down to 140 letters. When you are up at night? When you are in tears? When you are overwhelmed? Write it down and let me share it with the world.

We have realized now that Mothers and Fathers must act. They cannot do it alone. We have asked the Government and they have not moved. Our next front is our neighbors and local school boards. On the local level they are feeling the pain. I have heard from many? How do we keep our school system afloat?? They are failing due to the extreme rise in the special needs classrooms needed. Well now is the time to act. We do not have the privilege of reacting.

Here are just a few of the feelings I have found out on the web

"When I have a hard moment, I think of him & any weakness I have falls away If I can do it then maybe... anything is possible"

"When I lost my brother the music stopped"

Who will help us? Will I ever connect again with my child? How much hope should we have?

"I'll surrender myself to work & service to my family, because it's an honor to serve my family?

Do we even qualify & 4 what* is HUGE. As most of us don't as were 'middle class' -b4 out of pocket $$$ ?

As my grandma use to say, ' Everyone has a cross to carry, just some are heavier then others."

When will money run out? How can we get assistance when needed? Do we even qualify? Will the boys become progressively worse?

"5 & 4 year old playing, 1st time ever was a year ago they were spitting hose water on each other, made me cry, only an autism dad!"

I cannot imagine what a Dr must feel looking down through the ice watching families drown.?

"I may get to stop having to be a doctor a lawyer journalist an activist the town crier & just get to be a mom to my boys?


Will I always be there, as my parents have? I wish I could say, Yes, definitely, I will be there. But I honestly don't know?

Companies are alleged to be providing inadequate care or even in some cases abusing clients ?

Over the years, we noticed each time we visited, Noah had a new scar, a black eye or chipped tooth.?

Driving away felt like a crime.1st of many placements for Noah. None of them was a place you would want to put your own child?

This is a question I ponder everyday. My girl is so young and I got a late, late start.?

Parents Die, who will keep making visits & phone calls checking up & attending meetings with caregivers to advocate on their behalf?

Tell your story We must put feeling into the stories about Autism. FeelAutismYet we can and must make the frozen blood scream curdle & boil, to get action. Help now!

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In my humble, what we need is a cool handshake just for the parents and kids "on the road". Something not too hoody, not too simple but one that's tight. Come back.

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Looking forward to Chicago AutismOne If you are there I would like to meet you. The sad part is I remember the CB radio days. Thanks for the comment... I think!