Foundational Labs to Address in Autism

Are you baffled by all the lab tests you hear about and wonder what's really important or potentially useful for individuals who have the biomedical comorbidities of autism spectrum disorder? We wil review current labs that can be ordered and how they assist in directing treatment options. Autism is not just behavioral. Assessment of physical well-being can bring about positive changes in individuals' lives physiologically, functionally, and behaviorally when these areas are addressed. 

Sonja Hintz, RN

Sonja Hintz, RN, has extensive clinical experience having worked as a nurse for 30 years in both the mainstream medical and the complimentary medical approach to treatment. With her son, Alex’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder over 20 years ago, Sonja was compelled to reevaluate her beliefs and knowledge in traditional medicine. Through the use of therapeutic dietary intervention, biomedical treatments, and other therapies, Alex has made a recovery. She and her son both authored a chapter in the book titled Vaccine Epidemic.

She has lectured in both the United States and Canada about medical care for children diagnosed with autism. Sonja is a graduate of Marquette University with a nursing degree and has worked in various capacities with children who have disabilities since she was an adolescent. Currently she is seeing patients at Serenity Health Clinic in collaboration with Dr. Muth, Erica Linn, NP, and Dr. Greg Brown.