Gavin's Journey with Autism: RPM, Biomedical Treatments, and Therapies

Gavin Schultz is a 19-year-old living with autism. He will be discussing the many therapies and treatments that have gotten him to the positive place he is today. Thanks to Rapid Prompting Method, he has a voice to share his wisdom. His mom has implemented much of what she has learned from attending AutismOne to make his life better. Her dedication to his wellbeing is why Gavin is on stage today. Biomedical treatments, calming therapies, and the gluten-free diet also have made a great impact on Gavin's life. He looks forward to answering questions and sharing his knowledge with you all.   

Gavin Schultz

Gavin Schultz is a 19-year-old living with autism. He is extremely passionate about sharing what has worked for him and also sharing God's love with others. He loves writing and hanging out with his trusty autism service dog, Rusty. 

Cindy Schultz