Gemiini's Discrete Video Modeling for Down Syndrome -- Dramatic gains seen in research and in practice.

For decades, research has proven that basic video modeling is a powerful tool for teaching children with Down syndrome--but no one had studied the effects of different filming techniques. Laura Kasbar and her team have developed a video library that excludes all non-essential information. The results have been unexpectedly dramatic. This will include discussion of the research on this technique and a discussion on how to use Gemiini with the team as a cost-effective way to leverage their time and knowledge.

Laura Kasbar

Laura Kasbar is the CEO of Gemiini Systems and has seven children, ages 2 to 25, 3 of whom have autism spectrum disorder. She created Discrete Video Modeling (DVM) to teach her non-verbal son language. The DVM method has since been shown in randomized trials to be unusually effective at teaching language and reading skills not only to people with ASD, but to all manner of people with learning exceptionalities. Gemiini, named for Kasbar's twins with ASD, is the platform that allows this revolutionary therapy method to be delivered.