Getting home from Disney and after thoughts

We made it home despite some major unexpected circumstances (we missed our plane and had to spend an extra 5 hours in the airport). The kids did really well, I was proud of their good attitutes. A few people moved away from Kyle after awhile, but it wasn't his fault - it was them. He was a little stimmy watching the planes and the tram that goes back and forth between terminals. And he chatters in the unintelligible sing songy voice.
All in all we had a great time. I packed and/or bought the right amount of food. We didn't get into the parks in the morning as early as I'd thought, but with our G.A.C. we were still done in time to go home for dinner each night, so that worked out well.
I bought these really cool autism temporary tattoos from NAA that say "I have autism if I am lost please help me be found" and a place to write your cell number. I put one on Kyle before leaving for our trip. He scratched it off within 10 minutes. We didn't try it again, just wrote my number on his ankle. I only lost him once, but turns out he had followed Dad when I thought he was following me.
The condo that we stayed at was only 1 mile away from the Disney parks - getting there was easy and getting home too. We would stay there again if (hopefully when) we go back.
Thank you Disney for the great Military ticket prices!
I went to see Sue, my - and Kyle's craniosacral therapist, and she fixed my neck and shoulders and hips from the rollercoaster and walking. I was the only one who ended up with a blister - so good for the rest of the family!
I'm looking forward to the day that Kyle can tell me what he thought of this trip. He has an incredible memory and the words are coming, so I think I will hear about it.
Next vacation is just me and Ryan someplace warm where I don't have to cook!

Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the updates...when I win the lottery we are so going to Disney!!! How did you miss your plane???

Glad it was a great trip!


Great report!

Lisa, this sounds great! Sounds like you did great planning, have great tips to share with everyone for future, and everyone had a positive attitude. Glad you could get the Space Mountain Subluxations readjusted back into place! Can't wait to hear from Kyle!