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GFCF products and much more that will change everything!

GFCF products and much more that will change everything!

GFCF MFG Company soon to open that will change everything in terms of products. More to follow but keep any eye out for a new start-up venture in MA that will be opening soon around 11/1. An article will soon appear in "Living Without" that will shed light on my youngest daughters success with "The Diet" and how she went form the abyss of autism to getting close to saying good by forever to the monster that once tried to devour her soul only to be slain by a mother who said not my child. Our story is unfolding filled with battles with her school and triumphs despite their efforts to deny us our mission to make our little girl whole the struggles, the financial strain, a supportive family who backed us 100% and a story of hope and victory lead this father to a start-up venture that in some ways is a small way to pay back all the angles along the way who assisted my daughter to the point where many uninformed would state we are crazy and her diagnosis of PDD-NOS an ASD was wrong. Despite, evaluations by the leading research centers in the world and recently recognized as a National Institutes of Health AUTISM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic and other top-notch professional who would state other wise we are posed to defend our daughters education rights and go the distance because it is the right thing to do and her father is not going to be swayed by bullies and/or tactics to test our resolve we have come to far and any obstacle in our way on behalf of our daughter should yield the path to recovery or get run over end-of-story. We will share more as we are coming to end game with our disputes that will have consequences for those who opted to fight us then learn from what we have accomplished on behalf of our daughter. So enough tooting our horn and lets get on with the business of saving 1 out of 150 children because that in my opinion is a sin that all of society must wake up and turn that number to a zero or pay the price for not doing so. Join the crusade because the monster we call autism is out there taking aim at the next child and their family and to lose anymore children to an ASD is unacceptable!

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Need a Cracker recipe

I have been doing the GFCF diet for about two years on and off. A couple of time when finances are tight it is hard to do. I recently came across the GFCF Culinary videos with Betsy Hicks and Chef Vest (a Four Part series) and I am learning a lot. They shared a tapioca flour cracker recipe I want to make but I must be missing an ingredient. Does any one has it ? Thanks.

What has helped you the most?


I'm Jocelyn, a mom to a 4 year old (Joshua) with severe autism. I want to start him on the GF/CF diet, and I'm just starting. Phew - it's a lot to know!

What I wanted to know from all of you is what has helped you the most in implementing the diet? How do you keep it going if other family members are not on the diet?

Thanks for your feedback!