Hidden in Plain Sight: the Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease

The adverse effects of vaccination are common enough to be the rule, rather than the exception; and they are not aberrations, but central to how vaccines work and therefore somewhat difficult to recognize as well. In particular, I will show that specific reactions to specific vaccines are greatly outweighed by nonspecific reactions to the vaccination process in general, and will develop some conclusions for health policy that follow from this change in perspective.

Richard Moskowitz, MD

Dr. Moskowitz has been practicing general and family medicine since 1967, with a focus on homeopathy, patient education and advocacy. He has a BA from Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, and his MD from NYU Med School. He has published two books, one on homeopathy in pregnancy and birth, and a treatise on homeopathy for the general reader. His publications also include articles on vaccines, ear infections, malpractice, homeopathic philosophy, and the medical system as a whole.