High prevalence of autism in visible minority ( African , latino , arab & asian)

To the group

I am doing research on a very unusual demographic phenomena that is occuring in
canada and United States .

I have given a name to this demographic oddity , Ethic Autism Phenomena or EAP

In montreal , I have been to identify and tabulated at a preliminary level this phenomena .

what we are seing is a signicantly high prevalence of autism on the severe end of the spectrum
in population that we can define as children define in canada as "Visible minority"

This phenomena is assocaite to children that are born in quebec , but the parent are born abroad
these parents generally come from countries situated near the equator ,

In canada visible monority , is a nice way of saying people of color skin , such as black (African)
Latino , arab and asian .

It is interesting to note children abroad , seem not to be afflited with this high prevalence rates
it should be noted that these children born abroad from visible minority , have prevalence that are lower than the white caucasian population.by half approx.

i am interested parents living in areas where there relatively large cluster of visible monority in there area , example the somalian in Minnesota .

I am interested in the areas such as the northen detroit suburd , where there is a large cluster of arab community in this area ,

I have heard that the Haitian community in New York city area , potentailly the east asian ( Pakistani & Indian ) in the Washington city area and hear rumors about baltimore.

The phenomena can easily observe , if you happen to visit special school that offers service
for severe autistic children , where large cluster of visible minority exist . such as new emigrant chinese , pakistani , indian , african etc etc....

If the phenomena does exist , when you walk into the classroom , you not see white faces , but rather children of visible minority.

I am hoping certain might have pick up on this phenomena in your area.

Any info , would be apprciated.



Prevalence of autism

Thank you for your review of your research Pierre.

Please let me know what you find,

1) about minority incidence in advanced countries as opposed to in their home countries, and

2) any indication that the extreme growth of autism is isolated in the "advanced" countries and is not an artifact of reporting thoroughness.

Thank you,