How to Get From O'Hare Airport to the Westin Lombard for under $5 (if you don't mind walking)

If you have anything other than a small roll-aboard suitcase, I would not recommend this route. It would be better to take a shuttle. For those that are a little adventuresome and fearless, proceed!

This year's conference is quite a bit further from the airport than in previous years. The Westin does have a special deal with a shuttle company but it is still $27 each way and they do not have a complementary shuttle like the one in Rosemont.

So, if you find your day with time more on your side than money, here is how you can get to and from the conference for under $5 each way. Just to be aware, this route does involve about 1.5 miles of walking, about half of which does not have a sidewalk (you can walk safely off of the road on the grass though).

1) Locate the CTA Light Rail at the O'Hare aiport
2) Purchase a ticket with a certain monetary value like $5 or 410 (as opposed to a 3 or 7 day pass). This ticket may be used on the CTA Light Rail OR the PACE bus system
4) Follow signs for and get on the 747 BUS schedule and route info here:
5) Make sure to let your drive know that you need to get off at LOMBARD
6) Just incase they forget, pull the yellow cord to request a stop right before lombard.
7) Make a left onto LOMBARD
8) Walk about .9 mi to St. Regis and make a left
9) Follow St. Regis right at the turn.
10) You will see the WHite westin building, walk toward it.

Didn't know that you can

Didn't know that you can achieve this for so low cost and in really short period of time. Of course walking isn't issue if it takes so short time.
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