How to Set Limits Without Losing Your Mind: Behavior Strategies That Make Life Easier

Dealing with behavior challenges is one of the toughest jobs parents have! Responding to inflexibility, rudeness, resistance, tantrums, and more can be exhausting and overwhelming. When parents understand the underlying reasons for challenging behaviors and have simple tools to manage them, life becomes easier. This session will explore the biggest mistakes parents make when responding to their child’s behaviors, and five powerful tools for managing any behavior your child may throw your way.

Nicole Beurkens, PhD, PhD

Nicole Beurkens, PhD, is the founder and director of the Horizons Developmental Resource Center in Caledonia, Michigan. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified special education teacher, and has authored numerous articles and books. With a background in child development, classroom teaching, family-based therapy, and research, Dr. Beurkens is an award-winning therapist, consultant, and speaker for families and professionals throughout the United States and abroad.