HPV vaccine adverse events – A global epidemic outbreak.

The HPV vaccine is leaving a track of extremely serious and disabling side effects all over the world. Why do we see patient groups established in nearly all countries that have implemented the HPV vaccine program? Are they all wrong? It is not a coincidence.

The mechanism of action for HPV vaccine differs significantly from previously known vaccines. The potential dangers for anyone who receives the HPV vaccine is in a class of its own.
There is clear evidence that the clinical trials did not catch the high amount of serious side effects during the clinical trials. In combination with the lack of a placebo group, the risk is obvious.
What is the damage and what can be done to analyze and treat the harm done by the HPV vaccine?

Karsten Viborg

Karsten studied HPV vaccine symptoms, analysis, and treatment for 5 years. He also spent thousands of hours reading scientific literature, including clinical trial reports for the HPV vaccine Gardasil. He is chairman of the patient association HPV Vaccine Victims based in Denmark, cooperating with groups all over the world. 
The members of the patient association is fully vaccinated according to the public vaccine program.