I will go to any length to make sure my childs IEP goals are implemented and he is successful in school

This was my week of being an advocate for my child Jordan who is a sophomore in high school. I will go to any length to make sure my child will succeed in life. As mothers, we will endure bullets. What I won’t endure is bullshit! My claws come out! When pushed, I can be ugly. I hate to admit that but it’s true. I am sharing my correspondence with Jordan’s school about failing his math class this semester in hopes it may help someone.
I removed the name of my child’s school; I felt it is not necessary they ended up accommodating Jordan so all is good.

I always give the teachers a cheat sheet of tips for my son’s modifications at the beginning of every school year. I also go to school and meet each of Jordan’s teachers and explain Jordan’s personality and give them letters from former teachers explaining how they taught Jordan and all his strengths and weaknesses. This gives them a head start on helping him with his studies.

When Jordan received a D in math in the first semester, I emailed the math teachers and his case worker looking for help. Regular education teachers are not educated on the subject of autism and should be. One reason is not all high functioning children need special education classes. With extra tweaking of the curriculum, they can do just fine amongst their peers. There was one email where Jordan’s teacher didn’t understand how exactly to help Jordan visually. Geometry is abstract and needs to be concrete in order for Jordan to grasp the information. I emailed Jordan’s 8th. grade resource teacher who was more than happy to assist his high school teachers in any way she could. Only Jordan’s high school teacher never followed though. I finally called a meeting.

I met with Jordan’s 8th grade resource teacher and asked for help in bringing to the meeting examples of how Jordan learns. I also asked Jordan’s freshman algebra teacher to assist me in trying to explain to Jordan’s geometry teacher how to help him lie out his work and what ideas would be helpful to try implementing. We all agreed on a method and Jordan was also to go for extra help before and after school. Time was running out and we had work to do! Because Jordan is a hard worker, very competitive and hates to fail, I don’t want this to affect his self esteem. It could take a turn for the worse and ruin everything we worked so hard to achieve. Below is the email communications between me and his teachers:


I'm very concerned that he still has an F. I'm hoping the school doesn't drop the ball on Jordan. I don't believe he should fail this class. It is not his fault the accommodations and modifications weren't followed up on, until at least recently that is. Thank you for that by the way. I had to come in to school and get things moving to help him in class. This really should be done on the school’s end. I still don't know who is responsible within the district to make sure Jordan's needs are met. Would that be his case worker, special education department, etc.? Just wondering.


Rhonda, it looks like there is a strong possibility that Jordan will not pass Geometry this semester. Both Mary Kay and I have been monitoring Jordan's progress and performance and have concluded that Jordan definitely needs (and has needed) more one on one attention than we could provide (something that you pointed out during one of our meetings this year). As a result, we would like to propose the following solution if Jordan does not earn a passing grade this semester: We will give Jordan an incomplete for the semester, and during summer break Jordan will have a chance to make up every quiz and test this semester. If Jordan scores at least 60% overall, we will change Jordan's grade to a passing grade. Jordan's transcript will only be temporarily impacted by such an arrangement. Mary Kay has graciously made herself available to grade these assessments; however, for Jordan to derive the most benefit from this situation he will most likely need a one on one tutor who can give him the attention that he needs and provide the necessary oversight (including proctoring of quizzes and tests). If needed, we can provide all the note sheets and assignment sheets for the entire semester. Please let me know what you think of this arrangement. You can always reach me at this email address or at xxxxxxx. Take care.


This is extremely upsetting news! I strongly feel that the school’s Special Education Department should provide Jordan with a summer school class with a one on one teacher or home tutor to assist him and be given a chance where he can come into school or the teacher can come to our house and get the extra help he needs, something that he should have received in the first place. Someone dropped the ball. Who? In the beginning of the year, I provided you with notes on exactly how Jordan learns. No one ever showed up from the math department in any of his IEP meetings to discuss Jordan's situation or discuss any modifications even when it was apparent he was struggling. I had to come in and bring these things to the table. I had to come up with modifications and give suggestions and ask that you apply them which are all clearly stated in his IEP, which I'm sure nobody read. This is obvious. This makes me feel that many children fall through the cracks of this school and nobody cares. I feel the Special Education Department needs to be accountable for this mishap and provide the needed help. Please don't take this personally, but I will go to any lengths to make sure Jordan gets his needs met. He will get to college, and I will make sure I help Jordan reach his goals.

Thank you for this opportunity. However, I feel the tutor should be provided by the school along with the extra work and assessments. Based on my information, we are only looking at the last 18 weeks of school. The numerous conversations we had as well as the accommodations and modifications we discussed lead me to know that Jordan's IEP document requirements were not being met. Furthermore, we discussed the possibility of not passing during our last meeting. We also discussed a one on one teaching situation after school. Although he was offered the chance to go into get help to pass, his disability still doesn't allow him the opportunity to discuss with the teacher the areas in which he needs assistance. The school needs to arrange a teacher who understands autism and can teach Jordan according to his IEP needs for summer in my home or the school. Rhonda Brunett

Rhonda writing the Assistant Principal who happened to be Jordan’s middle school Principal:
This man is very aware of Jordans success, the middle school worked extremely hard to make sure he was successful as did Rick and I as Jordans advocates.

Thank you so very much for taking care of Jordan's business. I can't tell you what a relief this is to see someone finally taking the reins and steering the cart in the right direction. Tina from the Special Education Department called me this morning and everything will be put in place before schools out. We have come so far to see Jordan fail when there really is no reason for this. Jordan is very capable with the correct modifications and assistance. You are the man!!! Rhonda Brunett.

Rhonda writing to the Math teachers:

I want to thank you for your time and efforts and especially offering suggestions as to how to assist Jordan. I do realize you were not provided education within this area of autism. I often frown that this school has not as of yet stepped up to the plate and put something in place for all regular education teachers, as far as training is concerned. You will see more and more children with high functioning Autism/Aspergers within your classrooms, it will not stop at Jordan. The numbers are astounding and keep going up. Not all children will need to be placed in a special classroom. With the right tweaking of the curriculum; they can be just as successful as their peers. Jordan had the perfect placement with George and the proper assistance with modifications and his study hall following math with George his math Teacher overseeing the study hall. It worked! That strategy worked for Jordan and should be put in place once again. I did offer to assist if Tina needed in the development of a program for all teachers and children on the spectrum. This school needs some plan to be put in place! It is not just about Jordan, it is about all of the children on the spectrum. These teachers will be pulling their hair out if not properly trained and the students will fail. I did talk with Tina, and she has a placement for Jordan this summer. Smiles and relief!

Would you please put together a letter as to what you have seen with in the classroom, details would be useful. Please state Jordan's struggles, areas of strength, personality and special assistance given with his modifications. I'm speaking about the modifications we recently put in place at the last meeting. What worked and what didn't work? Would you please send me a copy and if you wouldn't mind email Tina a copy so the teacher over the summer would have a better handle on this situation. A phone number where one of us could call you if we should need assistance would be helpful. Thank you so much for everything. Rhonda

I don’t know the out come but I will let you know. Also included is a list of my child’s goals.

6/2/09 - My short-term goal at this school is to get all A’s, B’s, and C’s on my finals and pass all my classes. My long-term goal at this school is to get a GPA of over a 4.0 and to stay out of trouble. My plans after graduating High School is to go to a 4-year college, learn how to be a broadcaster, get my own house, and get a nice job at something I love to do.

I have learned from Mr. xxxxxxx that to become successful in school and life you have to work your way to the top and never give up until you reach your goal.

Go Gettem`Rhonda

Your son sounds wonderful and very intelligent! He deserves better than this. Thank goodness he has a Mom like you, determined to do whatever, however to make his progress a continued success! You go Rhonda! I know, when the time comes, I`ll be doing the same. Mare Troutman