If only....

If only… If only we lived in a time and land of freedom and justice for all. If only we lived in a country where we were not dictated to by the corporations that have taken over virtually every branch of federal government. If only… If only we lived in a time and country where the likes of the evil giants like Bill Gates and Microsoft, the Monsanto Corporation, and the entire Pharmaceutical Industry did not exist, or at the very least a place where these filthy tyrants were not allowed to dictate and force themselves on innocent children. If only… If only we lived in a country where we did not have to live in fear of what our own government will do to us next. If only… If only we lived in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where the Supreme Court at least upholds the Constitution of the People and by the People. If only… If only we just lived in a place and time where they would just leave us the hell alone. There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t long for such a place, but every day I am forced to face the facts. The fact is America, as it was in those early days of freedom, no longer exists.

We live in a country where even the Supreme Court has turned against us in favor of supporting child killers.

Today the “Supreme” Court “ruled” that we no longer have any “right” to even file lawsuits against the manufacturers of death for our children, and indeed all of us. You could now file one in any court in the land, and you will not even get one day in court. It will be simply thrown in the trash. Every single business in this entire country can sued for damages from defective products, except one… vaccine makers. As of today, even any kind of semblance of an incentive for them to make safer products has been removed. They must be in heaven right now, because as of today, they are our new God. They now have total free reign to let go of even the slightest shred of restraint in carrying out an ever increasingly lethal campaign of medical experimentation on US citizens. This will accomplish two things which are near and dear to their black and evil hearts. It will reduce the world population, and it will make those who are left standing dependant on them if they want to cling to a life of medical misery because that’s all that is left for them. Is there anyone left in this country that honestly believes what happened in Germany can not happen here? Sadly, there are still lots of those poor fools, and I can only pray that for their own sakes they wake up soon. But then again, history does have a way of repeating itself, does it not? As much as I never wanted to even utter the thought, it has now become very clear to me that I will likely live to see the day when the history of the revolution that founded this country is repeated. But the enemy of our freedom is not a tyrannical empire on the other side of an ocean, it is our own government.

There is no one alive, with the exception of my wife, who knows how desperately I pray that it will never come to that. No one but her, (and maybe a few close friends), knows how much I pray that my beautiful little boy will not have to live through some kind of horrific civil war right here in America. But I am no longer confident that he will not have to see that, unless of course, we just pick up and get out of here. Nor do many know how hard I pray that I am not forced to leave this country just to protect the lives of my family. So understand one thing. I do not say any of these things lightly. I say them because it is time for us all to wake up and at least be aware of what is coming down the pike. If my words can touch one person, or even motivate just one more person to constructive action, then it is worth my time and effort to speak out.

We must all make no mistake about this. Vaccine companies, and their drug pushers, will not rest until they have made every man, woman, and child dependant on them for drugs to cling to a life of misery and pain. These people come from the depths of hell, and many of these companies are literally direct descendants of the architects of the mass murder that overtook Germany in the Thirties and Forties. They will never willingly stop raping us all. History has proven time and time again, that only one of three things can possibly happen in our very near future. Scenario number one: (This is what I can only hope and pray for at best). Enough of the population wakes up, and bands together to peaceably force government to stop the atrocities. We also force government to take back control from the tyrannical branches which it has created over the last hundred years. In other words, enough of us band together to peaceably force government to do what we want instead of the other way around like it is now. And let’s face facts about this. Does the government always use peaceful means to force us to comply in today’s America? Anyone who believes that has been living in La La land for too long. We now live in a country where it has become the norm for “government” agents, (not even duly elected, but appointed agents), can show up at a legitimate business with guns, put locks on the doors, and throw the owners in jail without even any real proof of any wrong doing. Or worse yet, they can show up at your home with guns and yank your children from your arms, and make them wards of the state while you languish for years in prison trying to seek some kind of justice in a land where justice is just about nonexistent. Anyone who reads the news at all knows this, and it’s just another one of those fears we have come to live with. So while I can hope and pray for scenario One, a peaceful path of regaining freedom and justice in America, I am forced to admit that I’m no longer overly confident of it ever happening that way. Scenario number two is much more likely I fear.

Scenario number two: The malicious evil of those few in power forces the masses into such a corner where fear for their lives takes over and they come out fighting. In this scenario as well, the masses win, but not without much agony and bloodshed, just as there was when this country was founded in revolution against the tyranny of England. I can not help but wonder, especially in light of recent events in Wisconsin, how much more the average American will take before the sleeping giant is enraged to the point of physical battle and we wind up with full scale civil war. Not a pretty picture. NOT ONE I WANT MY LITTLE BOY TO SEE!

Scenario number three: Big Pharma and the federal government wins. We all become sick to the point of being incapable of offering any kind of resistance. We become no better off than all those poor souls who suffered through the horrors of Auschwitz, and Buchenwald. I can only hope and pray that many are able to escape to another country as many did before Hitler took over completely.

If only… If only I lived in a world where these three scenarios were not barreling down on me like a Mac truck through the Rockies with no brakes. If only… If only I could be in a place where I could just enjoy life and the love on my beautiful innocent little boy, who after 4 years of toil is now so close to being totally healed from all the damage caused him by the same forces out to own us all. If only… If only I could just take my little guy fishing and not have to worry about any of this. But no. The politics of toxin pollution and vaccines damaged my only child, and I have had to fight for four years just to get him most of the way back to true health. In doing so, there was no escaping facing the evils in this country that did that to him, and over a million other kids as well. There was no escaping or hiding from the lies that life in America has spoon fed to us all over the last 100 years or more. In spite of a lifelong desire to avoid politics, I have been forced to see that there are only really two choices left me… Stand and fight, or leave the country. Having no wish to even own a gun, I chose to stand and fight with my voice, and my writing. I suppose when even that becomes life threatening, I will have no choice but to try to escape to protect my family from further harm.

If only… If only that never happens here.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson 1743 – 1826

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