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Hello! It seems that the recent HBOT study by CARD really misses the mark. To add to the body of studies and literature on HBOT, it would seem to me that only using 24% oxygen was completely counter-intuitive. My understanding has been that the benefits of HBOT were attained by increasing the oxygen content of the blood. Using an oxygen content of near ambient room air does not help in trying to determine whether HBOT therapy, with its current protocal, is or is not helpful to kids with ASD. It makes me question the purpose of the study and why good research money would be wasted?


Hi Rob,
I am a DAN! doc in NJ. I completely agree with you ! For them to publish that study shows a complete ignorance about HBOT. Even mild HBOT chambers use O2 concentrators. Its a shame that studies like these get out there and discourage parents from trying therapies that really work.

It's Rob!

Hey, Rob - it's great to see you blogging! For those of you who don't know Rob and Deb Sidell, they are awesome, longtime radio hosts who bring the news. But, what's more, Deb and Rob have done an awesome job for their child (and he gets on the radio, too!), which, to me, is a great testimonial! Digging seeing your take on the news here, Rob!