The Ketogenic Diet Made Simple -- Restoring Your Child's Gut Ecosystem and Keeping it in Balance

ASD is an acquired immune dysfunction. Impaired epigenetic programming leads to changes in milieu and gene expression, which in turn impairs mitochondrial function as well as the immune system. We know that this process is driven primarily by bacteria of the gut which sign up with the same bacterial pattern as the brain – gut-brain axis. And we also know that, what I call the five “NATURAL vaccinations” during pregnancy, while and after giving birth (pre-, peri- and postnatal epigenetic programming), are crucial for the proper buildup of the child´s immune system. If one or the other of these five natural vaccinations is missing or impaired, the child experiences enormous physical stress thus leading to an unhealthy eco balance, low colonial resistance, intestinal dysbiosis, and low diversity in bacterial strains. This early period of low diversity in toddlers and growing children coincides with the vulnerability window of neurological disorders like autism or epilepsy. According to clinical data, more than 70% of the autistic children have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and according to our own data almost every autistic child has also large intestinal bacterial overgrowth (LIBO) or dysbiosis, high in proteolytic bacteria (e.g. Clostridia) and Candida, coming along with inflammatory markers like calprotectin, alpha-1-antitrypsin, to name a few, as well as high IgA.


A second important pattern of an acquired immune function in ASD, besides the above described physical stress pattern, is emotional stress. We know, that male fetuses are in general more stress sensitive than female. The male fetal immune system is not only more responsive to physical stress-induced immune imprinting from the mother than the female (e.g. silent inflammations). We know, for example, that childhood asthma is twice as high in boys as well as there is a much higher number of boys with ASD than girls. It is notable, that more female babies than male ones are born in war times. Here, vaccines play a double dangerous role: the child not only receives multiple vaccines with heavy metals and other health damaging toxins stressing and most probably severely impairing its immune system, the child also perceives the act itself as an injury and emotionally stressful violation causing a severe concussion, shock--excited by the mother and/or medical doctor.


In this double-edged sword of physical and emotional stress as well as due to the role of the gut-brain-axis, the vagus nerve plays an important if not crucial role. The vagus nerve not only controls the activity of many internal organs and is one of the largest brain nerves. The vagus nerve is also the information transmitting pathway between gut and brain, thus leading to concussion patterns (emotional scars) in the brain tissue. Most important also is that the vagus nerve controls the protein digesting activity of the stomach. And here, the unhealthy pathway leads to a vicious cycle: isolating from the outer environment to protect themselves from even more stress, children with autism develop an impaired digestion due to permanently perceiving emotional stress, thus paralyzing the vagus nerve which in turn leads to the production of too little stomach fluid and methyl group donors. The result: malnourished children with undermethylation, delayed growth, impaired bone health and little muscle mass. In addition, undigested protein due to the lack of stomach power passes into the large intestine leads to bacterial overgrowth of proteolytic bacteria, high ammonia in the gut and high pH, thus to a putrefactive gut


My lecture intends to show up with a few basic patterns in nutrition as well as in means to reduce stress and calm down the vagus nerve in order to properly come back to normal functioning. Developing a special Ketogenic Diet with MyAMINO within our Rerum Protocol in order to overcome protein and micronutrient depletion as well as immune deficiency using, for example, Rerum and the 5-R-program for the gut, we also have to focus to the concussion patterns imprinted in the brain tissue in order to help the mothers accompanying the medical treatment with simple but crucial means at home.




Heinz Reinwald, PhD

Dr. Heinz Reinwald is an experienced specialist in alternative medicine and has developed his own metabolic program. He is the managing director of the dr.reinwald healthcare company, runs a clinic in Nuremberg, Germany, and is the author of numerous books and articles. He is also an international speaker for all aspects of health and nutrition as a supportive treatment for chronic diseases. The focus of his professional practice and research primarily concerns biological anti-tumor therapy, neurological disorders, Alzheimer's, autism and immunotherapy as well as issues in nutritional medicine.