Microbiota Transplant Therapy for GI Disorders (practitioner registrants only)

We conducted a Phase 1 clinical trial of an Investigational New Drug involving 2 weeks of oral vancomycin (to kill unhealthy gut bacteria), followed by a bowel cleanse and then standardized human gut microbiota to create a healthy GI microbiome. We used FMT to treat children ages 7-17 years who had ASD and moderate or severe gastrointestinal problems. We administered FMT in two stages: an oral or rectal dose, followed by 8 weeks of oral administration. There was an 82% reduction in GI symptoms, and a 25% reduction in autism symptoms.  Their bacterial diversity significantly increased, from 25% below normal to normal.  At the 8-week follow-up, the improvements in GI symptoms, ASD symptoms, and microbiome diversity were stable.

James B. Adams, PhD

James Adams, PhD, directs the Autism/Asperger's Research Program at Arizona State University. He is also the president of the non-profit Autism Nutrition Research Center, and president of Autism Society of Greater Phoenix. He is the father of an adult daughter with autism.