The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program aka The Vaccine Court

Wayne Rohde will be presenting the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program aka The Vaccine Court.

A critical review of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

A presentation on the Program, including recent disappointing trends, discussions of prominent diseases and disorders that are adjudicated in the Program, and the shift from a legal process to compensate children to become nothing more than an adult influenza compensation program.

We will discuss together why the program is no longer what Congress intended, a fair, quick, efficient, and generous compensation program.

When Congress enacted the National Vaccine Injury Childhood Act of 1986, the program was to provide compensation for children from vaccine injuries.  However, the program has shifted away from awarding damages to children to adults.  We will examine when the shift occurred and why.

Most vaccine injures for children were defined by a Vaccine Injury Table when the program was first established.  A dramatic changed occurred in the mid 90’s.  We will discuss why it happened and the result of these changes altered the course of hundreds of petitions, creating a very hostile and adversarial environment in The Vaccine Court.

Using statistical analysis, we will examine the trends in today’s program to show what types of petitions are being compensated, why the program does not resemble what Congress intended, and the future of the program.


Wayne Rohde

 Wayne Rohde is the author of The Vaccine Court – The Dark Truth to America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and many articles on vaccine injury, corruption of HHS/DOJ and the politics of the Federal Court of Claims. He is the father of a son with vaccine injury.

Robert J, Krakow, JD

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