Naturally Recovering Autism with Karen Thomas, CMT, CST-D

Naturally Recovering Autism with Karen Thomas, CMT, CST-D

Karen’s program will teach you the solutions to reduce or remove the physical and behavioral symptoms of autism from your child, naturally, without the use of any harmful drugs. This comes to you from a first-hand mom that has lived through it with success. Discover the five reasons why children on the autism spectrum do not heal, and how they can. Learn the necessary steps that will help you to untangle the whirlwind of information out there and simplify it for you. Become able to utilize the knowledge and see what your own child’s progress can be.

Karen's Bio:
Karen Thomas is a Certified Massage Therapist and has practiced Craniosacral Therapy for almost three decades. Her holistic background and study of the human brain proved essential when her own son was diagnosed with autism at age eleven (he is now eighteen). Through almost a decade of research, trial and error she brings to you the solutions that healed her own child. Karen has put it all in writing for you in her soon-to-be-released book, “Naturally Healing Autism; The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents.” She is the CEO and founder of Naturally Healing Autism. Her blog and website are currently available to assist you with answers you need now at, Also, follow her on facebook at,

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