New Year, Nu-Thera®, New You!

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New Year, Nu-Thera®, New You!
By Teri Arranga Contributing Writer Kirkman Group, Inc.
What were your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you decided to lose weight, read more, or the biggest one start budgeting your money better. Much of everyone’s time is spent thinking about money and health. For parents of children with special needs the time spent thinking about money and health are even greater. Often one parent needs to stay home, creating a double-wide gap: less family income, but more expenses for Junior who has special needs. It’s that way with the health of parents of children with special needs, too. But, this time, the gap is triple-wide. Let me explain: 1) Parents of children with special needs may share metabolic similarities with their children. 2) There are greater energy-consuming demands placed upon parents in a special needs situation. 3) Parents of children with special needs have less time to attend to their own health needs. Here is a compelling excerpt from a published paper by Dr. Jill James 1, “Recent evidence suggests that some autistic children may have reduced detoxification capacity and may be under chronic oxidative stress. Based on reports of abnormal methionine and glutathione metabolism in autistic children, it was of interest to examine the same metabolic profile in the parents. The results indicated that parents share similar metabolic deficits in methylation capacity and glutathione-dependent antioxidant/detoxification capacity observed in many autistic children.” Mothers and fathers of children with autism participated in this study. James cites that “Multiple studies have demonstrated that nutritional supplementation with B vitamins can lower homocysteine and SAH levels and that antioxidant supplementation can increase glutathione levels.” The James paper further acknowledges the increased stress faced by parents of children with autism, saying this: “Studies are underway to determine whether the abnormal profile in parents reflects linked genetic polymorphisms in these pathways or whether it simply reflects the chronic stress of coping with an autistic child.” The last thing you need as the parent of a child with special needs is to get sick. Your child needs you to be fully functional, and you don’t want to feel ill either. There is a simple, quick measure that you can do every day to support your health and bolster your reserves, as a special needs parent. Taking two Super Nu-Thera® capsules, which are available exclusively through Kirkman®, per day can help us withstand environmental stressors. Super Nu-Thera® contains antioxidant vitamins C and E as well as a host of B vitamins. Super Nu-Thera® also contains the minerals selenium and zinc, which are required for the
activity of various antioxidant enzymes. Additional nutrients with antioxidant properties include vitamins A and D, and Super Nu-Thera® is available in formulations containing vitamins A and D as well. So, as we resolve to strengthen our children, let’s make a New Year’s resolution to strengthen ourselves, so that we can give them our best. Reference James SJ, Melnyk S, Jernigan S, Hubanks A, Rose S, Gaylor D. Abnormal transmethylation/transsulfuration metabolism and DNA hypomethylation among parents of children with autism. J Autism Dev Disord. 2008 November; 38(10): 1966–1975. doi: 10.1007/s10803-008-0591-5.