Normal? Who knows anymore? Some ideas for change...

Every single day I take a look around in the world only to be even further shocked and amazed at how crazy things are getting. Every single day, I wonder where we are headed as a species on this planet. I know I am by no means alone in having a growing sense of dread at the outright, and ever increasing, insanity we are faced with today. What rational thoughtful person could not help but wonder? Of course, there are still many that plow through their lives with barely even a passing thought as to the state of the human race and the planet, as they are far too “busy” to notice or care. Fortunately, I remain convinced that there are growing numbers of those who do notice, and who really do care enough to be doing something about it. The ranks of those that are driven to continually combat the forces of evil by promoting truth, and educating others, are growing in numbers and effectiveness. I am therefore able to maintain hope that revelations of truth will eventually win the day. While I admit that there are moments in some days that I despair of this, I force myself to remember that the world in which we live is an incredibly complex construct of both good and evil. Separating fact from fiction, lies from truth, and what is good and pure, out of the horrible mess we are in, is like putting together a billion piece puzzle without the picture on the box to show us what it should look like. One thing I know, is that the real picture on the box does not look much like the way it's been put together so far. There are still too many people cheating by trying to force wrong pieces in to suit their own ends. When you do that, you wind up with a crazy picture that defies truly normal comprehension. The scary part of this is that human perception of what normal comprehension is can be changed into something that we really don't want. There is now a very real danger that we are losing all sense of what normal really is on many levels.

In reality, what we actually have to work on here is a puzzle with pieces that are made up of almost infinite numbers of smaller pieces. For example, how many pieces are there in human DNA? When you realize that there are people who are messing with those pieces, it’s not hard to understand why the whole picture of our country, and our behavior in it, is not looking all that great. You don't exactly have to be looking for perfection to ask, “What's wrong with this picture anyway?” How often do we jokingly ask, “Normal? What's that?!”

While it can be argued that what is normal is relative in somewhat different ways to each individual, it's pretty safe to say that there are many things in our present picture that many of us do not want to accept as normal. Killing each other in massive numbers by wars. Mass cult suicides. More and more people “losing it” and opening fire in our schools, or wherever their insanity leads them to kill. These are all obvious choices to eliminate from our picture, but what about the ones that are not so obvious? The devil is in the details.

To me, as a person living in America today, one of the biggest wrong pieces that has been forced in place is the bit about life expectancy. You will almost never hear anything of this in mainstream news, but the truth is that we live on a planet with six other cultures where the people routinely live to be 120 years old or more. So why do most people in America feel “blessed” if we live half that long? True scientists have known for many years that our genetic potential for life expectancy is 120 to 140 years old. Yet many people in the “modern” world would scoff at that, just as Columbus was ridiculed for thinking the earth was round. How did we become brainwashed into thinking it's “normal” to die at seventy years old from heart failure? Just because it happens everyday, does that mean it's right, and the way it's supposed to be? I don't think so. But the big money sickness for profit industries count on us all continuing to believe the lie that it is “normal”. In fact, they are guilty of deliberately perpetuating lies like this so that they may continue to thrive off of our suffering.

The forces of evil know that if you paint a picture upside down long enough, people will start to see it as right side up.

Five of the six aforementioned cultures live their simple lives at high altitudes. They have a pure lifestyle that includes tons of healthy nutrition, exercise, and sunlight. They have pure natural soils full of nutrients, pure mineral laden water, and since the majority of air pollution particles tend to remain closer to earth, even their air is still mostly pure. What they don't have is rampant disease of epidemic proportions. They don't feel any particular need to have doctors jab them full of vaccines, and wonder of wonders, they aren't dropping like flies from the common flu. They don't die of heart attacks halfway through life, and you'd probably never find one case of Autism. I'm certain that you'd be hard pressed to find even one who felt the need to swallow Prozac to cure depression. They are just way too healthy and happy to need it. All of this of course will be changed if American corporations succeed at spreading their poisons to the farthest reaches of the globe.

What would happen to America if everyone learned that we really are supposed to live to 120 to 140 years old?

Of course it goes without saying that America will never move to the upper reaches of Tibet, or the shores of Lake Titicaca. But if more of us knew how our lives were being cut in half by living the lies fed to us, maybe we will learn to fight harder for better ways of living right here on our own soil. Maybe more and more of us will start getting angry enough about our mercury filled acid rain, toxic water, and a food supply that can only loosely be called actual food. Maybe more of us will get an awful lot more vocal about demanding an end to the destruction being caused by reckless greed, and criminal deception. What if we forced the truth about all the evils being heaped on us by industries like big Pharma, the food industry, and the medical industry, right under the noses of every man, woman, and child in this country? What if we start beating them at their own game? But instead of brainwashing the population with tons of lies and deceptions, we educate everyone with truth. What if we all could be freed from living the lies? It would not be long before seeing healthy 120 year old Americans. Again, I know that there are many that really are trying very hard to combat lies with truth. I also know just how lofty and idealistic a goal it is. But I'm just crazy enough to think that it really can be done, if only enough people get angry enough to start shouting the truth much louder than has been done to date.

I think it's high time we take off the kid gloves, and stop worrying about being polite. Is Bill Gates being polite when he calls me a child murderer for refusing to let a doctor stick one more deadly vaccine into my vaccine damaged child?

There are corporations out there that have no concern for us whatsoever. Corporations like Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Johnson & Johnson are hell bent on destroying the gene pool with their deadly vaccine concoctions, and making us all dependant on their drugs. Corporations like Monsanto are hell bent on destroying our food supply with their genetically modified crops, making everyone in the entire world dependant on them for seeds and pesticides that grow worthless crops containing zero nutrition. The policies of the AMA, the CDC, and the FDA are backing the frantic efforts of these massive corporations to maintain, and increase, their death grip on the entire population, and even the whole world. And while I’m at it, who knows what the megalomaniac Bill Gates is up to with his mega monopoly Microsoft. Some people, and huge monopolies that need to be taken apart like AT&T was years ago, fancy themselves to be God Almighty, but I think God has other ideas for them.

It's time we altogether stop worrying about being polite. We need to step up identifying those at the top, listing their crimes against humanity, and then more aggressively pursuing justice through every legal means. We need to identify potential leaders that at least have a semblance of God fearing ethics and morality, and vote them into power to help us put all the white collar criminals killing us and our kids behind bars where they belong.

I have come to know that there are growing numbers of people fighting hard for truth, and I am so grateful for every single one. But as I constantly push myself to do more, I also know that there are many others who could be doing a lot more. We are in the midst of a fight for our very sanity and survival. What is going on in this country reminds me of a scene in one of my all time favorite movies, “What Dreams May Come.” I'm convinced that this movie was inspired direct from God, and contains much truth, so if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend renting it. This one particular scene illustrates perfectly a point I want to make here. Robin Williams is on a hunt through the depths of hell to find and rescue his wife from a hell of her own creating when she committed suicide. Upon finding her in hell, there is one moment where he is in very real danger of losing his mind and forever joining his wife in the hell she has created. But at the very brink of both being lost forever, the light bulb goes off and they save themselves. My point is this. Just how close are we to losing our collective minds as a society? Is it remotely sane for us to be so convinced that our lot in life is to live to 70 or 80 if we're lucky, before dying a horribly wretched and diseased death? Is it just OK if we all go blindly and quietly into the dark, overcome with the lies we've been spoon fed from birth? Of course, it is not OK.
But the really big question is, how can we move more quickly at educating people to regain their sanity in time to prevent being lost forever?

Here's one idea I'd like to offer. I'm hopeful that this can catch on and further our cause of a better life for our children. In one of my former lives, (way back in the eighties), I was producer for a regional television show for almost 4 years. During that time I learned a lot about television media and marketing. In those days, the internet was just barely getting off the ground, and while I think the internet is great, I also know that the masses are still really hooked into TV, and to a lesser degree radio. But how do we get more of the truth out in a media that is for the most part controlled by the very corporations that are killing us? That of course is the crux of the problem, but there is one way of getting on TV, at a grass roots level, from coast to coast that is wide open. In three words, public access cable. For those who do not know, it is a federal law that all cable companies have to provide facilities for producing programming at no charge to be aired on community access cable channels. The only major rule of using this resource is that programming can not be used for commercial means. There are currently over 250 cable access channels in cities with populations over 100,000 coast to coast, but there is also a huge number of smaller towns that have these stations as well. To give you an idea, I live in a town of about 20,000 in the sticks of New Hampshire and we have a very nice one. The next town over is even smaller and they have one as well. Are you getting my idea here? That's an awful lot of mainstream airwaves we could be flooding with mini documentaries exposing the evils that are being heaped on us. But before you even start to think that nobody watches those stations, you'd better think again. They are watched much more than you might think, by people who really want to learn what’s going on. And even more would tune in if shows were promoted around town with simple things like flyers, and cheap classifieds ads in local papers. Most areas could also have small radio stations more than willing to produce PSA's (Public Service Announcements) promoting public service shows on the local cable access station. These are just a few of the things that I am currently working on at Wyatt's Way Home. The first show, which I am currently in the process of putting together, is going to mostly be about what happened to my own son Wyatt, and how we are in the process of restoring him to complete and total health. Subsequent shows are going to be on exposing the industries and problems in our government that are responsible for what happened to our son, and about a million other kids in this country as well.

I promise you this. These shows are not going to be polite. They are going to be brutally truthful, and I will start naming names, the chips fall where they may. I am convinced that it's something that has to be done. It's time we all start getting a little madder, as our very survival is at stake, and it could be latter than we think There is one more item to add to the sense of urgency here. If we are going to avail ourselves of our first amendment right to free speech over the airwaves of public access TV, we need to hurry before they are closed down by large corporations. That's right folks. The fight is already on for one last bastion of free speech over the airwaves. Check this out for yourselves right here:

And for those who would like to keep abreast of how we are doing with our TV project, keep checking our website at: or shoot me an email through the same website. Here's to stepping it up a notch or two in 2011!

Wishing all health and freedom,

Wyatt's Dad, Dave Snyder