An Overview of Medical Issues In the Spectrum Disorders

We will be reviewing medical issues seen in autism. The information we will discuss will give you, the parent, a brief overview of the many medical issues that impact your child's health. The topics will include mitochondrial function, seizures, Strep, PANS, and diet, to name a few.



Gregory Brown, MD

Gregory L. Brown, MD, is a board certified Internist whose current focus is the integrative medical treatment of ASD, ADD and ADHD as well as the many immune, infectious, gastrointestinal and systemic problems faced by these individuals and many others. His practice has grown to include chronic infectious disease and most particularly chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Brown is a physician at Serenity Health Care Center.


Erica Linn, NP

Erica Linn is a family nurse practitioner who has been training in integrative medicine since 2015. During her eight years as a registered nurse in a hospital, Erica cared for people in crisis, and she saw missed opportunities for preventive and holistic medicine. In graduate school, she developed a passion for treating people in the context of their everyday lives. At the same time, she struggled to get appropriate care for her own thyroid autoimmune disease. This led her to work with functional medicine providers. She is finishing her doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin by researching integrative medicine topics. One of her two daughters is on the autism spectrum.

Sonja Hintz, RN

Sonja Hintz, RN, has extensive clinical experience having worked as a nurse for 30 years in both the mainstream medical and the complimentary medical approach to treatment. With her son, Alex’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder over 20 years ago, Sonja was compelled to reevaluate her beliefs and knowledge in traditional medicine. Through the use of therapeutic dietary intervention, biomedical treatments, and other therapies, Alex has made a recovery. She and her son both authored a chapter in the book titled Vaccine Epidemic. She has lectured in both the United States and Canada about medical care for children diagnosed with autism. She is a graduate of Marquette University, degreed in nursing. Currently she is seeing patients at Serenity Health Clinic in collaboration with Dr. Muth, Erica Linn NP and Dr. Greg Brown.